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BSmarter POS have been one of my oldest clients, starting our relationship back in 2017. BSmarter POS are a Point-Of-Sale (POS) company based in Melbourne, Australia, garnering thousands of clients throughout Australia, mainly in Victoria. I have worked closely with BSmarter POS to create a simple, clean and modern branding style, which will define the BSmarter POS brand. 


Brand Identity, Marketing Materials


2017 - Present

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Throughout the years for BSmarter POS, I have designed many materials for different uses including marketing materials, promotional products and business uses.

I have given BSmarter POS a brand identity, with their signature blue branding weaving throughout all design materials. To match with their innovative tech theme, the designs are modern, clean and simple in nature.


Going Social

Along with design, I also lead the creation and curation of social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages. Instagram and Facebook posts include client restaurant promotions, product videos and reels, and any product announcements. The YouTube channel includes instructional videos showing how their software works. 

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