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0316 STUDIOS is so happy to have worked with TOKORA to produce a music video for TOKORA's cover of 'drunk'. Shot, directed and edited by me, this video was created with passion and a creative vision to create visuals to match with the sound. 


Music Production & Videography



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The song itself is an acoustic rendition of American artist keshi's 'drunk', which naturally gave a mellow, somber and soft vibe to the sound. TOKORA required visuals that would match the vibe of the sound. 

Several shots were taken in various angles and styles including stable and handheld for a more casual-type feel. Finished off with a filmy effect and colour-grading on the video gave the perfect fitting visuals for the song. 

drunk - STEPPY

The final product. So happy to have this project come to life to accompany the musician and her music. 

Full video accessible on their YouTube channel:

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