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In 2022, I worked with BSmarter POS to create a design for their new QR-Code Solution that they are implementing in participating restaurants - such as Japanese Restaurant Tomodachi, and their Korean counterpart, Beautiful Bite both located in Geelong. The QR-Code Solution by BSmarter POS is designed for customers to order their food and drinks directly from their table through the use of their own smartphones - resulting in a more efficient restaurant environment. 


Graphic Design, Print



0316 STUDIOS Website Banner Photos-3.png

The brief required me to create a design for the QR-Code Solution that will be both functional and also aesthetic in design as they will be placed on each table in all three restaurants. The designs will fit with their branding. 

"Not actual QR-Code used in below examples. Actual QR-Code will forward the user to a menu page as seen in the screenshot below. 



A simple yet effective design is optimal for this sort of project, as to not distract from its primary function. Functionality is priority to enable customers to easily use the design - insuring the QR-Code is the focal point of the design. 

For all three designs, I made sure to match the design and aesthetics with each restaurant's branding. 

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