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In 2022, I worked with BSmarter POS to create a few designs for their new QR-Code Solution that they are implementing in participating restaurants - in this case, Bon Chicken & Beer Korean Restaurant in Glen Waverley, Victoria. The QR-Code Solution is designed for customers to order their food and drinks directly from their table through the use of their own smartphones - resulting in a more efficient restaurant environment. 


Graphic Design, Print



0316 STUDIOS Website Banner Photos-4.png

In 2022, BSmarter POS implemented their QR-Code Solution into Bon Chicken's restaurant to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency in the restaurant. 

Bon Chicken required a few designs to be made, including the QR-Code Design itself for each table, QR-Code Step-by-Step instructional and also a design for their Takeaway Order QR-Code. 

*Not actual QR-Code used in below examples.



As these three designs will be displayed throughout the restaurant, I designed these with a consistent bright colour palette for consistency. Yellow was chosen as the base for all designs to be centered around - matching their branding. 

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